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Are you looking for a fun-filled Keynote Speaker or Interactive Workshop where you can learn how to see the humor instead of the horror in our world?

You have come to the right place! Los Angeles based Recreation Therapist and Certified Humor Professional, Roberta Gold will show you how to nurture your “Humor Bone” and develop a new way of looking at life…using Laughter for the Health of it.

Ever wonder how some people can roll out of bed with a smile on their face and a sparkle in their eyes ready to take on whatever the day has for them? How some of us can deal with rude, argumentative people without losing their cool? Roberta created Laughter for the Health of it with her mission to empower everyone to have a more positive outlook by seeing the humor instead of the horror in the world! She added Laughter Rocks! for students along with parenting programs so we can raise resilient, happy children who laugh and play. You can start the day with a smile, a sparkle and a positive mindset.

Recreation Therapist and a Certified Humor Professional
About Roberta Gold…


Laughter for the Health of it
A Serious Look At Fun and Healing Through Humor

Laughter for the Health of it focuses on laughter and humor since these are the most universal and outward forms of positive emotions that human beings can express. The incredible value that lies in our ability to laugh in a variety of situations is gaining worldwide recognition. Although we can often neither change a situation we find ourselves in, nor can we change another person’s behavior; we have complete control over the way we look at life.


Sanity Savers   •   Parent Power Happy Hour  •  One-on-One Coaching

Roberta is proud to offer her coaching services to groups or individuals. She provides custom sessions, geared to the specific needs of those she works with, and is comfortable in a face-to-face environment or virtual setting, such as zoom, skype, facetime, etc.


See all of Roberts’s Attitude Adjustment Minutes and other inspiring videos.

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Roberta is the author of several books, including: “The Family that Laughs Together… A Quick Guide to Sanity When You Feel Like Screaming” , “Laughter Rocks!: Tips and Tools to Help You Keep Your Cool and Have a More Positive Mindset” and the companion Card Deck, as well as numerous articles, book chapters, and newsletters.

You can reach Roberta Gold and Laughter For the Health of it by calling: 818-726-6801
Or you may fill out the form and you will be contacted within 24 hours.