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Los Angeles based Humor Therapist Roberta Gold, creator of Laughter for the Health of it writes frequently, for the fun of it. As a a Certified Humor Professional (CHP) with more than 30 years of experience as a keynote and breakout speaker, as well as serving as a consultant to businesses, hospitals, schools, senior living centers, non-profits, and religious organizations, Roberta enjoys putting pen to paper in order to help others find and utilize their own “Humor Bone.”


Roberta’s Attitude Adjustment Minutes on her YouTube channel:

Attitude Adjustment Minutes

Podcasts featuring Roberta:

“What Do You Want to Keep for the New Year?”

A two-part podcast is available on Spotify, I Heart Radio, Amazon Music, and at the AWESOMEATTITUDE.NET website.

“Humor DOES Rock!”

LaughBox  March 14, 2017