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Los Angeles based, Certified Humor Professional and Recreation and Humor Therapist Roberta Gold’s Laughter for the Health of it program for businesses was developed as the result of studies such as those conducted by the American Psychological Association. Specifically, research has begun to clearly illustrate that:

“..researchers have known that behavioral and psychological events can influence the immune system. But now new research shows that the immune system sends signals to the brain “that potently alter neural activity and thereby alter everything that flows from neural activity, mainly behavior, thought and mood,” said Maier, professor of psychology at the University of Colorado.

In a real, true sense, stress makes you physically sick,” explained Maier. “In addition, many of the changes over time in mood and cognition from day to day are driven by events in the immune system of which we are unaware.”

In addition, the emerging science of studies in the field of psychoneuroimmunology reinforce these findings. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), is defined as:

“A relatively recent branch of science that enforces beliefs that physicians have held for many centuries, perhaps well before the times of the ancient Greeks. The premise is that a patient’s mental state influences diseases and healing. Specifically, PNI studies the connection between the brain and the immune system.”

Consequently Laughter for the Health of it focuses on humor and laughter since these are the most universal and visible forms of positive emotions that human beings can express. The importance of being able to laugh in the face of stressful and challenging situations is gaining worldwide recognition. There is humor in almost every situation. If you can identify it, and learn to use it, you can begin to cope with people and situations in business that create stress in your life. This is crucial because stress is linked to so many health related issues. By learning to use humor to help you cope with what you cannot change, you can reduce your stress, improve communication and be more productive.

The key to a successful business, as you already know, is to have the ability to find and keep good personnel and to increase customer relations. Humor is one of the best ways to institute change with the least resistance. Laughter for the Health of it of it can provide the bridge to help ease the pain of change and growth.

Consider Laughter for the Health of it as a serious approach to a more playful lifestyle.