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Laughter for the Health of it
A Serious Look At Fun and Healing Through Humor

Laughter for the Health of it focuses on laughter and humor since these are the most universal and outward forms of positive emotions that human beings can express. The incredible value that lies in our ability to laugh in a variety of situations is gaining worldwide recognition. Although we can often neither change a situation we find ourselves in, nor can we change another person’s behavior; we have complete control over the way we look at life.

There is humor in nearly every situation if you look closely. When you find it you can begin to deal with almost any situation using humor as the powerful tool that it is for coping with what you cannot change.

Roberta Gold’s wildly popular Laughter for the Health of it programs have been utilized by countless businesses, medical and health care organizations, schools, colleges, parent groups, senior/elder centers and residential facilities, non-profits, and others for more than 30 years.

Roberta custom tailors each workshop, presentation, retreat, and conference to the specific needs of your group. Though Roberta is based in Southern California, her dynamic and delightful humor workshops have been enjoyed by organizations of all industries and sizes from across the country. Roberta gladly provides staff training in addition to workshops and programs for clients.

When was the last time you had a really good laugh? If you can’t remember, you really need to contact Roberta today. (Seriously. Because you’re probably taking yourself too seriously, and she can definitely help with that!)